Who are you ?

Hello. My name is Miguel Salas.

A college graduate with a B.S in Physics and M.S in Electrical Engineering from the City College of New York.

My Physics Class with Prof. Vitkalov at the city college of new york. Im located on the left with my eyes closed (unfortunately).

I started a few years ago when I  was trying to make a living out of a small blog to support myself while I was self studying for the GREs (these are the examinations you take for graduate school). Although I was accepted into several programs I was unable to attend due to COVID situation interfering with my paperwork. My goal is still the same. I plan to continue my graduate studies as soon as these issues are solved (somewhere around 2024).

Thus, I am located ouside of the United States at the moment.

Since then, I’ve been working on research at a local university  while at the same time fitting in the time to update this site’s content when I can.

If you have any questions regarding hardware or any other inquiries. Contact me through my social media handles:

FaceBook, LinkedIn & Twitter

You can ALSO contact me at laptopstudy2017@gmail.com.

As always we do not sell backlinks, buy backlinks, guest posts or anything that goes against Google’s and Bing’s Policies. 

Due the recent drop in traffic I am no longer hiring writers. However, if you have expertise in computer hardware research (perhaps you’re working at a research department for computer hardware development) I’ll definitely consider collaborating witih you to work on this website and newer topics

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