5 Best Laptops with Fingerprint Readers – 2020


Why do we even bother to look for the best laptops with fingerprint readers?

Only those of us with personal and important data can understand how scary it feels to use a laptop around people.

Passwords can easily be seen by siblings/cousins or anyone around you

Heck even the dog standing behind your back might not be a dog.

How about the ultimate catastrophe too? Getting your laptop stolen with your personal dairy in it along with your credit cards and passwords, I could go on.(this happened to me).

Those are not the only reasons to get a fingerprint reader though:

  • Sick of entering your password every morning to start up Windows?
  • Sick of havint to retype your password everytime you walk away from your computer for 2 minutes?
  • Sick of typing gazillion passwords to log into different websites, forums and apps?
  • How about putting extra security check on every single document you think it’s important (wish I had done this with my dairy).

External FingerPrint Scanners

Before we go over the best laptops with fingerprint readers, be aware that you can install a fingerprint scanner via USB. If you are interested , you can click here or in the image for more details.
Windows Hello
To make it work, you would need to install Windows Hello. You can learn more about it from their website.

If you can’t live without a built in fingerprint reader, then just keep reading.
 Where are the best laptops with fingerprint readers?
If you look around, you’ll find that very few laptops have a fingerprint reader.

Unfortunately they are not very popular even today.

The best laptops with fingerprint readers will usually come from expensive high end and business class laptops.

Luckily for those on a budget there’s still one or two laptops with decent specs for basic applications and with very accurate fingerprint sensors. (Accuracy recognition is a big problem on a lot of laptops with a fingerprint reader, so watch out)

Top 5 Best Laptops with Fingerprint Reader

Let’s not forget there’s more than just a fingerprint reader.

There’s no point in getting a fingerprint reader if you are going to struggle with lag using the applications you are interested in, whether it’s surfing the web, working with large Microsoft Office Documents (and multitasking) or gaming.

So what I’ll do is go over the current laptops which give you the best specs for your money, of course all of them with fingerprint readers but with increasing performance starting with the lowest (for basic computer usage, office work,  a small business ) to the highest (multimedia editing/some gaming).

1. Acer Swift 3

Best Laptop With FingerPrint Reader

  AMD Ryzen 7 4700


  AMD Radeon Graphics


  14” full HD IPS


  10 hours

Fingerprint scanners are found on laptops above 600$ bucks and sometimes on laptops around 550$. While you will definitely find cheaper laptops with a fingerprint reader, for 50-100$ more you’ll be getting one of the best deals with this one.

I’m not just saying that. Look at the specs, especially take a good look at the display and the weight: IPS full HD panels are a premium feature as well as having a 14” screen in a 2.5lb laptop, this is extremely rare unless you talk about Macs.


Performance wise this one has the latest Ryzen series, 4000, which beats its Intel counterparts not only in price but now with the new architecture in performance too. Another thing you won’t find on a 650$ laptop or any laptop around that price is the spacious 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD.

Lastly, because this is a 14” laptop you also get a full sized keyboard whichi includes the numerical keypad.

Chances are this guy is going to run out of stock pretty soon so the next laptop will be a nice option to it.

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2. ASUS ZenBook

Best ASUS Laptop with Fingerprint Reader

  Core i5-8265U


   Intel UHD


  13” full HD TN


  7-8 hours

This is a more popular model that has a few years since its first edition.  I’d say it has about the same performance as the Acer Swift, though the screen is smaller which in turn reduces the size of the keyboard and doesn’t include a numerical keypad.

There is no other premium laptop (besides the Acer Swift) below this price though so if it runs out of stock this is a great great and probably with a better built quality option.

It is a bit more expensive and again this is due to the Intel Chip in it.

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3. MacBook Air

Best Mac With Fingerprint Reader

  Core i5 8250


   Intel UHD Graphics 617

  128-256GB Flash Storage SSD

  13.3” Retina Display


  12 hours

    No DVD Drive

 x2 USB 2.0 ports, SD Card reader, mini HDMI port, x1 USB 3.1 Type C port, x1 USB 3.0 Port(with power off Charging), RJ-45 Port (for Ethernet Connetions)

The MacBook Air can cost twice as much as any of the two laptops above. However,it is a lot better than those two in pretty much every department: weight, thinnes, battery life, fingerprint sensor, screen quality.


Even the SSD here is faster, that means, it will boot up and wake up your machine instantly as soon as you turn it on or touch the keyboard again.
It’s not just the graphics card that’s faster either but the screen display will show even more colors and at a much higher resolution.

You also get a far better keyboard which is a pleasure to work with. And lastly the battery life goes above +10 hours which can’t be found on Windows laptops or any other non-mac laptop unless you are looking at ChromeBooks.


It’s thinner and feels lighter (this is due to the weight distribution) than those two as well and it is made of full aluminium (doesn’t have plastic anywhere on it except on the keys).

There’s stil one huge drawback. Yes, you know what it is….

The price.

The more perks you add to it : +512GB storage device or a 16GB RAM the more ridiculous the price is.

However, I think the lowest and cheapest configuration is fast enough for everyone unless you are into video editing.

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4. Dell XPS 13 9630

Best Dell Laptop with Fingerprint Reader

  Core i5-8265U


   Intel UHD 620

  256GB SSD

  13” full HD 1080p


  ~8 hours

This Dell XPS model is a windows replica of the power/design of the MacBook Air (more or less).

About the same speed, RAM,weight, thinness and aluminum build but with less battery life. 

So if you are looking for a high performance laptop of the highest quality, then you should look at any of the Dell XPS 13 models or the Lenovo X Carbon series. I wasn’t able to find a good deal on a Lenovo X Carbon though.

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5. HP Envy 15

Best HP Laptop with Fingerprint Reader


  Core i7-8250U 3.5GHz


  Intel HD

  512GB SSD

  13” 2160×1440


  6 hours

This is a gaming laptop with a dedicated GPU and the latest Core i7 processor, probably not useful to the majority reading this post. But if you are video editor, photo editor or a gamer and want the best performance with any of these apps, you should seriously consider grabbing one.

I have to admit it is kind of expensive but it is worth the price tag. Like I said, the latest Core i7 is there with a mid-range powerful GPU and a fingerprint sensor. Now while there are thousands of gaming laptops to choose from, almost none of them have a fingerprint reader.

Those who do are usually “premium” “good looking” gaming laptops, that is, they’re thin, lighter and have an all aluminum built. MacBook Quality so to speak and those are and few too. 

A great option to this model would be the Dell XPS 15 which has the exact same CPU/GPU combo but unfortunately it hovers around 2000$ dollars. The HP Envy here is the cheaper yet still decent option  with a fingerprint reader.

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