100 Best Apps For College Students [For Free]

Everybody’s got a phone and tablet these days but most of us don’t put them to good use. That’s because most of us have no idea how useful apps can be for school.

Thid is not just a random list of apps on a picture. We have installed and checked each and every one of these apps and we’ve also provided a description on how you can use it, a link showing you how to use it too. It’s right below the table.

List is being updated for the 2022-2023 year so bookmark it but share the link. The graph will change but the link will be the same




1. Circle of 6  Available for: iOS  Android
Safety is first. This app that will keep you safe wherever you are. How? Just pressing two taps will notify your chosen 6 people exactly where you are and how they can help you. It’s the quickest way to prevent any type of violence.
Cost: Free How to Use: Website   Video

1.1 Collegic Nav  Available for: iOS  Android
Collegic Nav is a mobile App that will navigate you around your College Campus. Never get lost around your college campus again! Collegic Nav allows students, staff, parents and friends to easily and safely navigate around college campuses. Collegic Nav is a valuable mobile application that’s convenient and easy to use. It’s easy to download from the Apple or the Play store on your phone. Never be late to class or a test again!

This user-friendly mobile app allows users to navigate from their current location to desired destinations on their college campus. Users will receive step-by-step walking directions of the easiest route. Multiple features include a search button with campuses names and provides the distance and estimated time of arrival. The pathway will highlight your travel route and food icons to restaurants, and coffee shops with hours of operation along your way.

Cost: Free How to Use: Website   

Homework Help



2. SparkNotes  Available for: iOS  Android 
Were you too busy with other assignments and perhaps a few exams to start reading that chapter that was due tomorrow (I know I’ve been there). Or maybe your dog ate both your homework and computer. Don’t worry, SparkNotes also has an app for your device and it will also give you a quick summary of your book’s chapter you to keep up with your literature class. You also get the cool study guides to understand the material much better. Don’t rely on it too much! You won’t have it during test times!
Cost: Free How to Use:  Website


3. CliffNotes  Available for: iOS  
For those procrastinators or those who didn’t have the time to even start that literature book that’s supposed to be finished in a few days, CliffNotes can help you from failing that upcoming test on it. Not only does it provide you with a summary of your book but also with study guides and quizzes for every class and every subject out there. Don’t use it to get a passing grade rather use it to secure an A. The free version gives you a one time use, if you like it you can always subscribe to it.
Cost: Free Once. How to Use:  Website 
4. Elements  Available for: iOS Android
If the very likely case you come across a Chemistry class, the most important fact to know and get acquit anted with are the elements. There are many apps both available in the apple or google store. These two are free and straight to the point. They’ll give you quick access to any info on the elements.
Cost: Free.  
5. SimpleMind  Available for: iOS Android
This is a very useful and easy to use MindMap app. It’ll help you organize your ideas, tasks and understand a complex subject if you give it a try. You can always create a mindmap no matter where you go of whatever subject you are researching or trying to understand.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
6. Wolfram Alpha  Available for: iOS Android
The most powerful and popular computational software to answer just about any question and get any fact as fast as it gets now on your very phone. You can use it to get it a quick solution to a math problem, get quick facts about a particular topic in other words an answer to pretty much any question. Just make sure to use to double check your work if you are using for math purposes, don’t rely on it as you won’t have it available on exam day!.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video

Online Learning

7. iTunesU  Available for: iOS 
iTunesU is useful for both teachers and students. Teachers get very useful tools and resources for their lectures but if you are a student you get access to tons of free lectures for just about any subject: science, language, history, etc, in video or audio format. Al of these resources come from the top universities and organizations in the world, you’ll get high quality lessons to supplement every class you are currently taking.
Cost: Free. How to Use:  Website Video
8. Coursera  Available for: iOS Android
This is another resource for online courses and lessons. Coursera is more specialized in the sciences and more difficult subjects. You’ll get lectures and courses from top instructors including studying materials (pdfs,docs,syllabus), for advanced classes in music, science, programming, photography and more. A cool feature is the fact that you can play your lecture in offline mode too.  
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  
9. Duolingo  Available for: iOS Android
If you are taking a language class or just want to learn a language, duolingo will make learning it all fun with your mobile device. Presented in a game-like format, you’ll get to practice speaking,reading,listening,writing and improve your vocabulary too. There are lessons for the very beginners to the most advanced users. Even if you aren’t taking a language class. If you find yourself with free time at any place, give it a try. Don’t waste time with games & other entertainment apps, make your free time useful. 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
10. TedTalks  Available for: iOS Android
While these lectures will probably won’t help you with your classes, it’ll keep you up to date with the latest topics and research from your field of interest. Be it psychology, history, science,technology or any other subject there’s a talk to inspire you and teach you something useful for your career and degree. Of course these lectures come from the top experts of the world in every field of study, it’s all for free.
You can also download these lectures for offline viewing.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video

Organization and Scheduling

11. iStudiez  Available for: iOS Android
Student life can be very overwhelming due to the sheer amount of information we need to keep track of: grades, homework assignments, test dates, class schedules and all the other activities we may be involved in school. iStudies will help you keep track of all it and help you plan your entire day to squeeze more free time to relax.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
12. ToDoist  Available for: iOS Android
ToDoist is another option if you are more interested in just keeping a list of all the things you need to do for the day , for the week or for the month. It has a wide range of features to keep track of your coursework and also includes a bookmarking feature if you find anything interesting you may want to read later. The best part it also has an desktop version and a web version and everything you do on your iphone will be synced and easily accessed from any other device.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
13. Any.do  Available for: iOS Android
Any.do is a much simpler option than ToDoist in terms of organization and other features. While still has all the functionality that you need to keep track of your To Do Lists be it daily, weekly or monthly; it also comes with a “moment” option which will keep bugging you daily with some questions about your schedule, tasks and everything you are keeping track of. This makes it more ideal to make sure there’s nothing left behind and everything is still being completed on time. You also get the option to see all of your tasks in “time view”,  “priority view” or the “standard view”. 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
14. Wunderlist  Available for: iOS Android
Wunderlist also allows you to keep track of every task or assignment you have. You can display them by time, priority, due date, creation date and organize them by folders, sub folders, giving them stars for priority, setting reminders,etc. While all these features are available in any task management app, wunderlist free version does not give you many restrictions allowing you to use most of them without paying a cent.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
15. Trello  Available for: iOS Android
Trello is yet another organization app to keep track of your coursework and projects. However it has features especially made for collaboration or projects that you may have to do with a group. You can assign some tasks to a few members (get assigned a few to you too), attach docs, videos or photos to each task and overall better communication within a group.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
16. MyHomeWork  Available for: iOS Android
MyHomework is the most simple organization task out of this list. You get all the features to keep track of everything without any limitations whatsoever. The Free version will give you all of its features and it’s also ad-free. 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video

Note Taking & Editors

17. Notability  Available for: iOS 
Notability will turn your iPad or iPhone into the ultimate note taking device. You can annotate PDFs, create new documents, draw with precision, mark photos, record lectures, take notes at the same time  and even let you use your fingers. There are far more features to be listed here which includes organization of your notes and loading up files from your google drive account. If you have an iPad, this is probably the best note taking app you can find right now.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
18. Evernote  Available for: iOS Android
Evernote is another great app to take notes and keep everything neatly organized. If you have an evernote account and have the software on your PC or other devices, all of your files will be synced and taking notes on one will be seen in all others so you can continue working on them from any of your devices. Unlike other note taking apps, it gives you the ability to take notes in any format: vide, audio, web clips, images, etc.  
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
19. MyScriptNebo  Available for: iOS Android
If you rely quite a lot on your device to take notes, this is a must have app. Why? Every note you take will be converted into digital text even complex math equations. You also get all the features any note taking app has: organize your notes into folders, include diagrams and export your notes as .doc files for word editors to read.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
20. Penultimate  Available for: iOS 
Penultimate is Evernote’s specialized app purely for note taking. You can prety much take notes on it as if it were a real notebook. The app will keep up with your writing moving along as you finish taking up the space available for writing and the pace you are working it. It will also process it into digital text, organize and sync it with Evernote for easy access across all the devices. While Penultimate is free to use if you do want to use the syncing feature you’ll have to subscribe to Evernote’s Paid version.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
21. GoogleDocs  Available for: iOS Android
If you can access google docs from your mobile device, you can also edit your word documents, spreadsheets and presentations or any file you may have stored within it. Ideally it would be better to use an iPad,Tablet or a computer for faster typing/note taking but if you find yourself with no other options and do not want to keep wasting time, you can also do it from your phone device.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
22. Pages  Available for: iOS 
This is apple’s note taking app so you can expect the best features and interface. It’s version comes free with those who purchase a iphone, ipad and it keeps improving with every released version of their OS. It acts pretty much as a regular word editor from your computer, you can add text, images, edit fonts, etc. It also comes with 60 templates for you to follow or save you some time editing a doc on your device.It also offers collaboration capabilities, meaning other users can edit your documents and also do it on real time. You also get to sync everything across of all your Apple’s devices so you can continue working on your docs from any of them.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
23. OfficeLens  Available for: iOS Android
Office lens will help you get the best of any picture you take of a document or an image that contains hand-writing (your professor’s white board). You can trim, enhance and convert your images into pdf, word or PowerPoint files and also stored them on OneDrive if you wish. You should find helpful if you do have keep up with tons of hand written documents, receipts, notes but most importantly if your professor’s whiteboard has way too many notes for you to keep up especially if they are a review for a final exam.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
24. Microsoft Office  Available for: iOS Android
If your school gave you a free subscription for Office or if you do have the 1 year trial for students, you also get the the app version for free. You can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint like you do in your computer however if you have a phone and not an ipad or tablet, you mgiht want to keep your editing simple as everything will feel too cramped to do it on them. 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Video
25. SuperNotes  Available for: iOS
This is the most complete note taking app though not every feature is the best out of this list, it has all of them put together: recording, note taking, picture taking which you can put all of it into the same note file. Plus you can easily export them to your email or dropbox.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video

Study Tools

26. ExamCountDown  Available for: iOS Android
You might find this one handy when dealing with midterms or final exams. We all know how professors love to put all of your exams on very close dates or even the same day leaving you with little time to study and keeping up with all these dates can make you forget about a few altogether. This app will keep track of your exam dates only without any other extra features or annoying reminders. It also comes with a countdown for every test, extremely useful for final exams.
Cost: Free.  
27. Documents 6  Available for: iOS 
Just like your computer I bet your mobile device is a total mess with music, video, pdf, doc files and website files all over the place. Docs is not another editor, it’s the best file management app on the apple store. It’s got a beautiful and colorful design, you can create folders with cool icons on them to indicate their content and more plus you also get to the view the content of your files in case you want to double check what’s inside them if it’s worth saving or deleting.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
28. Scanner Mini  Available for: iOS Android
I would rate this as one of the most useful apps for students. Imagine having a scanner right in your pocket you can use to scan solutions or textbooks from the library or your friends without having to carry a physical copy or spend money taking copies of it. The best part is once you can a document you can extract the text within as if it you would with any other word document i.e. copy and paste for your research paper or references. Android users can use Tiny Scanner instead.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
29. MyStudyLife  Available for: iOS Android
Sure there are tons of task management apps there for you to pick as shown above, however this one is especially designed for classes and school only. Keep track of your homework, class schedule, exam schedules, conflict with dates (same date for exams/homework) , pin notes to each  and keeping all organized with an old school calendar view. You also get to use reminders and syncing your data across all devices (it has a web app too). 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
30. GroupBoard  Available for: iOS Android
This an app for drawing, sketching and annotating but what makes it unique is the fact that a lot of people can edit the same “board” at the same time from different devices. Needless to say, if you have a group project and you are trying to design a logo, edit a document or gather up ideas from every member it becomes extremely useful to make everything not only fun but productive. Every session is saved and you also get the ability to connect the board to a larger display as in a presentation. 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  


31. ScribD  Available for: iOS Android
If you have a subscription or access to ScribD services, the app comes in handy to have documents, books, thesis and any other type of educational document in your own pocket. If you’ve found a solution to a textbook problem or an interesting research paper you can use for your project, then you can continue reading it anywhere with their app.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  
32. WikiPanion  Available for: iOS 
As the name suggests wikipanion has something to do with WikiPedia. What? It’s an appp that will let access to the world’s biggest and most used encyclopedia easy, fast and productive. You can save images, articles, bookmark pages,playback sounds and have a better navigation than using your web browser to use WikiPedia for your papers. Android users can have the official WikiPedia App as an alternative.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video


33. Instapaper  Available for: iOS Android
There won’t be always an internet connection available especially if you find yourself out of campus or commuting to school. If you feel like reading an article for your next assignment or research paper with the help of the internet, what can you do? Just use this app will save a website , article or any online document to your phone for you to review while being offline. It also optimizes the way your webpage is displayed for easy reading. A must have app to make the best out of your time during school.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
34. Pocket  Available for: iOS Android
Pocket is another app that can save anything you find on the web on your very own mobile device. Be it a video, site , photo or document so you can always view it back online while on the train, bus or anywhere without an internet connection. It will also sync across of all your devices since there is a desktop app as well.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video



35. EasyBib  Available for: iOS Android
We all know how troublesome citations can be but getting them perfectly for a research paper is a must to get a good grade and for our personal career too. Besides having a website, EasyBib also has an app which you can use to scan book barcodes with your camera, use a search tool to find the books you want to cite and choose between different formats: MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard and more than 7000 styles. I would say this one is a must have so you can focus more of your time on writing a good paper.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video



36. CampusBook  Available for: iOS Android
Not much to say here. This is simply the best app there is to find the best deals for textbooks, there’s also the option of selling yours so you can have money to buy the one’s you need for next semester. Why have it on the mobile phone? To make sure you can always check any updates and don’t miss out on any offers.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  
37. Amazon Kindle  Available for: iOS Android
If you have a subscription to amazon kindle (in other words unlimited access to books from amazon), not only can you use it on your kindle device but also on your iPhone or android device. Although there are tons of features the app offers(edit,highlight,search,change view orientation,etc) the most important one is the fact that your devices will all be synced and you can pick up wherever you left off.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
38. Chegg  Available for: iOS Android
It is very likely you already have a subscription to Chegg. I mean your entire school probably has one. Why? It’s the most complete textbook service there is. Not only do you get the best deals on textbooks, but also find a way to rent or sell your book saving you tons of money every semester. That’s not all you also get the solutions manual (problem by problem) on their site for pretty much every textbook used in college. You can use all these features on your mobile devices too.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video


39. StudyBlue  Available for: iOS Android
While these lectures will probably won’t help you with your classes, it’ll keep you up to date with the latest topics and research from your field of interest. Be it psychology, history, science,technology or any other subject there’s a talk to inspire you and teach you something useful for your career and degree. Of course these lectures come from the top experts of the world in every field of study, it’s all for free.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
40. Anki  Available for: iOS Android
In my opinion this is the best app for flashcards there is today. It doesn’t have a wide plethora of premade cards made by users but it’s got the best method and system to make sure you memorize and learn from your cards. The Spaced repetition system boils down to repeating and showing you the cards you are having the most trouble with and show you the ones you are getting them right less and less. This saves you time and gives you a better chance of learning the entire thing. If you are a med student or a student needing to memorize formulas for graduate school/GRE or any big incoming test, this is a must and users actually have already made premade (and thorough cards) for you to study. There’s a web app you can sync your progress with too.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
41. QuizLet  Available for: iOS Android
Quizlet is a more straightforward flashcard app it doesn’t have a spaced repetition system (showing the cards you are having more difficult with) but it offers with 6 modes to study plus you also get a million user generated cards you may find useful. The app includes a way to record your speech into your studying cards too.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
42. BrainScape  Available for: iOS Android
BrainScape also uses a similar method to spaced repetition system. It is not open source like Anki but you get the same features including tons of premade flashcards made by experts for the most important generalized tests : SAT, MCAT, AP Exams, etc, and tons of very well made cards for each subject too. If you can’t afford it the free version is still pretty good: you can make your flashcards, share your flashcards and get user generated flashcards for free as well.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
43. FlashCards+  Available for: iOS Android
This is the most simple app out of this list for flashcards. You don’t get any extra features just good old plan flashcards you can edit yourself and save. You also get user generated flashcards you can use, the ability to sync with other devices, add multimedia files to your cards and be able to share them with your fellow students. One cool thing about this one is the option to add the correct pronunciation and speech to language based cards.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
44. TinyCards  Available for: iOS 
Lastly for those who are tired of regular flashcards, tinycards offers you with different ways to learn your material. It also offers you with a spaced repetition system and acts/looks more like a game. You also get to choose from thousands of user generated cards. What’s interesting about this app is that you will find user generated study guides/flashcards for the most trivial topics besides education: constellations, hat styles, celebreties cards, pokemon names, etc. Yeah not only will you find it educational but entertaining too.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video

Dictionary & Vocabulary

45. Dictionary.com  Available for: iOS Android
Having a dictionary on your pocket at all times is not only useful to expand your vocab but also when you come across any new word while reading a textbook, a pdf document, research paper,etc. If you do want to finish your reading before tomorrow’s quiz or test, then it can save you a lot of time instead of looking up online which requires an internet connection or using a regular dictionary (no one does anyways).Yup, you can use this app in offline mode anywhere and anytime plus tons of other features for free.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
46. OxFord  Available for: iOS Android
Oxford’s mobile dictionary is more thorough option for those interested in the english language. If you are studying literature, english or in the liberal arts, this would be a better choice as words are described more by region, their specirfic regional pronunciations and far more vocabulary than other regular apps (+350 000 entries). If you do want to use it in offline mode however you’re going to have to pay for the premium version which also allows you to use its audio features to learn how to pronounce new words.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
47. Merriam  Available for: iOS Android
Merriam is not only a complete english dictionary but also gives you quizzes,games and more fun ways to learn vocabulary. You also get to search words by using your voice and all of the features including offline mode use are for free. The paid version only removes ads. You can also sync your favorite words with other devices that have the app plus there’s also an apple watch version.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
48. Vocab Builder  Available for: iOS Android
This is more of a game than a dictionary. It comes in handy if you all you want is learn new vocabulary for tests like the GRE, SAT or TOEFL. You get tons of features with it too: audio pronunciations, example sentences and different levels to start with. It’s all free all you need is a Magoosh account. Another great alternative for iOS devices is “Exam Vocab Builder“. 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
49. Advanced Saurus Available for: iOS Android
This is the most thorough and well build english dictionary & thesaurus you’ll find among mobile devices. It is developed by Princeton university. Their approach is to give users a better interface to show the relation between words and definitions. Words are group by “cognitive synonyms, interlinked by means of conceptual-semantic and lexical relations”.  The dictionary links words by their synonym, antonym, hyponym, hypernym and meronyms. A must have for students with advanced classes in literature.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Video



50. BabyLon  Available for: iOS Android
If you are taking a language course, then this is a must have app. As you probably know babylon is the biggest company providing translations to clients online. Their app is free to use however and you get over 75 languages for translation. Not only can you translate single words into various languages but also paragraphs right frmo your very own phone, iPad or Tablet..
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video

Calculators & Graphs

51. Scientific Calculator  Available for: Android
Those who couldn’t afford and need a real scientific calculator can safely use this app. This is a real scientific calculator it has all the functionality a physical one but also includes unit conversions & physical constants. I doubt your teacher will let you use it during an exam if calculators are permitted but still quite useful to have whenever you forgot your physical calculator and if you haven’t bought one for your assignments. iOS users can use Kalkulilo as a free alternative.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Video
52. MathWay  Available for: iOS Android
This is an app that can calculate and give you a solution to your most advanced math problems: from algebra to calculus. You’ll get a step by step instruction on how to arrive to that answer to. What’s hard to believe is the “snap” feature this one has. You can take a picture of your math problem and it will try to recognize it, translate it to computer text and solve all of for you. Beware though, just use it to double check your work. If you use it to solve all of your assignments, you know what’s going to happen on test day.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
53. WolfFram Alpha  Available for: iOS Android
As you probably are already aware of, this is the most powerful computing application to get answers for a wide array of subjects ranging from engineering to history and chemistry. You also get to solve your math problems with it. Unlike other calculator apps, it can solve the most complex problems you can come up with and give you a more thorough step by step solution to them. The downside is it doesn’t have a “snap feature” like mathway does but you don’t have to perfectly type your problems for it to recognize them.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
54. Graphic Calculator  Available for: iOS Android
A calculator without the ability to graph is pretty much useless especially if you are taking pre-calc, statistics and algebra which is the classes that most students have to take during school. Most graphic calculators apps are not free, these two are and have a pretty good number of features. You can graph up to 4 different equations at once, label them, find the roots of each equation, give you a table of values and graphic it in different coordinates as well.
Cost: Free.  
55. PC Calc  Available for: iOS 
This is rated as one of the best scientific calculators on mobile devices. Besides all the features of most apps and scientific calculators, it offers you the ability to sync your calculations across many devices (pick where you left off in your computer), a wide array of conversion units, RPN typing format (for those who are used to HP calculators) , different layouts for your interface and the ability to design your own layouts.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video

Internet Connectivity

56. Wifi Finder  Available for: iOS Android
If you are away from campus with no internet connection but still wish to check your email, read an interesting article for your topic or simply look for a solution to your homework problem on the go. Wifi  Finder will allow you to find a vast number of wifi hot spots that are available for you organized in a convenient and user friendly way. A must have for finals or midterms week that’s where you want to be connected 24/7 with your peers or for online help. These are two different apps with the same name and same function!
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Video
57. WifiMap  Available for: iOS Android
Well there’s not much use if you find a wifi spot but can’t connect to it if it’s password protected. Wifi Map will allow you to see the passwords of a few protected wifi hot spots. Don’t worry it doesn’t do it in any illegal kind of way, users and owners actually submit their working passwords for others to access.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video

Productivity & Time Management

58. LastPass  Available for: iOS Android
We all know how time wasting can passwords can be when filling out forms or gain access to sites, programs,emails especially when we need to find homework help asp. This app will make sure you don’t spend 10 minutes typing out the correct login info for the multiple number of accounts you already have across the web. It’ll maintain all of your passwords, payment information, log in emails, etc, with a single master password.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
59. PDF Photos  Available for: iOS 
Wanna take a snap of your Professor’s board, a piece of information from a borrowed textbook from your library or your fellow studen’ts notes because you missed out a lecture. You can save yourself a lot of time with apps that convert it to pdf for easy viewing and manipulation later. Android users can use YouCam with has more features than just making PDF files from your snaps.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
60. Dragon Dictation  Available for: iOS Android
If you don’t feel like writing a draft for an essay or paper, don’t have time to type it all of out or just want want to send a email, text message to your fellow students asap. Dragon Dictation will record your voice and change to texs. It will also update your social status on Facebook and twitter by simply speaking to it. Android users can use SpeechToText which is much more simple and only will record and transcribe your voice into text.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
61. Self Control  Available for: iOS Android
Probably the most important app you can get your hands on out of the entire list. These apps will block access every site you list to it for a given amount of time. If there’s any sites that are distracting you from getting more stuff done during final’s week(FaceBook, Twitter etc), then you gotta use this app and see the difference in how much you can accomplish without
Cost: Free.  
62. Audio Memos  Available for: iOS Android
This is a recording app, while this may be an optional tool for education: recording your pronunciation, a presentation speech, reminders of what to do. It will be crucial during final or midterms week where professors usually give students a final review before each test, in other words, you have to record every single detail be it in notes or audio form of those last lectures, the are they key to getting a good grade! This app will also allow you to email your recordings, transfer them to USB devices as well as editing (trimming/cropping) your recordings.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  
63. Pomodoro Apps  Available for: iOS Android
If you still haven’t heard of the pomodoro technique, you can read it about it here. It pretty much can boost your productivity ten fold. How? We all know we always have trouble staying on the same assignment for long periods of time, too many breaks can really hurt your progress and distract you from finishing. The Pomodoro technique is based on setting a timer for work and breaks. You can choose how much time you want to work and how much break to take in between in each work session. These apps simply provide you with a timer just for that plus you can analyze so you can check all the details on how you spent your time or how well you performed or followed the technique.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
64. Loop Habit  Available for: Android
This is another must have app for those who don’t find enough time to finish their projects assignments or don’t think they have enough time to study. This app will track all of your daily habits and keep track of how much you are spending time on good habits. You can use it to track the time you spend doing assignments, studying, extra curricular activities, exercising and other activities that are productive for your success as a student. iOS users can use HabitBull, a great free alternative to track all of your habits.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video



65. VCSO  Available for: iOS Android
For students in the multimedia department or taking photography classes, this is one great camera and editing app with plenty of features for editing your photos. You can adjust exposure level, color temperature, contrast, saturation, sharpening, and be able to crop your photos along with many for features. All the editing tools & most filters you can use are for free. Plus you also get the ability to export your work to social media and other devices. The best free editing, camera taking and online sharing photo app today.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
66. LightRoom  Available for: iOS Android
If your a soon to be or already a professional photographer and your school has given you the lightroom software for free or you have paid for the subscription. You can also use the app for free on your phone device, you can almost everything you need to be productive on your editing on the go for you to continue with your desktop version back in your replace. For example taking a picture with the native camera, export it to RAW CAMERA so you can start working on it right away.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video


67. CloudPrint  Available for: iOS Android
Good Ol’ Google also offers you with a way to print your docs and files from your very own phone. Did your computer stop working? Didn’t bring yours to school and still want to print right out of your phone? As long as you connect your phone device is networked to a printer you can print right away. What can you print? Email messages, attachments and docs or spreadsheets within your Google Docs account.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video

Jobs & Internships

68. LinkedIn  Available for: iOS Android
Don’t wait till the last years of school to start building a network around your field of interest. With their mobile app you can keep up to date with what’s going on your professional network, what internships and jobs are available or any news worth reading within your industry. You can do it all anywhere and anytime, you can be sure you won’t be missing any opportunities when they arise.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
69. Indeed  Available for: iOS Android
Instead of looking through every site online and general search engines for job opportunities and internships. Indeed.com and its app will save you tons of times, in case you aren’t aware of yet it’s a search engine especially designed to look through companies websites and pages with job and internships opportunities. It will also guide you through the entire process when applying and contacting these companies. This is a must have for your device as you’ll be able to search anytime and anywhere. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities, especially internships they come and go quickly.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video


70. Mint  Available for: iOS Android
Do you think you are overspending in college? You are not the only one. Mint can help you track all of your bank accounts and expenses along with it. See for yourself where you are wasting money on: rent, books, foods, etc, and more features to make sure your pocket isn’t empty in college.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
71. DashLane  Available for: iOS Android
The app for those who have a plethora of passwords for their accounts to keep up with. This app will save all of your password and automatically log you in to any site that requires a password or tons of other information for you to access. Not only that, it also serves as a digital wallet for you to shop online without taking an hour to fill in your payment details.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
72. Slice  Available for: iOS Android
This app will keep track of all the details of your recent purchases. It’ll keep the receipts, it’s current shipping status and even let you know if the price just dropped. It’ll notify you when it arrives for you to quickly pick it up.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
73. ToshFinance  Available for: iOS Android
If you just found out you are overspending, track where all the money is going with Toshl Finance. Keep track how much you spend, what you are spending on and where you can save some money. This app also allows you to create your own budgets for every type of expenses you have or any time frame you may need to be on a budget.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
74. SquareCash  Available for: iOS Android
Make any transaction easier to complete with Square Cash. It’ll send your deposits directly to your bank account as well as allow you to deposit money to anyone’s account without the need for them to have the app. 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
75. Saviry  Available for: iOS Android
Find the best deals on just about anything from electronics to groceries. Every deal can be rated by users too. You’ll also be notified of any upcoming deals , coupons and contents so that you don’t miss any.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
76. Groupon  Available for: iOS Android
Another app to find deals on just about anything but most importantly at any place. This app keeps a database of the best deals and coupons around 500 cities all over the world.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
77. PoshMark  Available for: iOS Android
With poshmark you can make some extra cash by selling your unused items to anyone on the web. A Great alternative to craiglist. 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
78. Venmo  Available for: iOS Android
It’s another digital wallet made by none other but paypal. You can make transactions between pals as long as both of you have a credit card or a bank account linked to the app. 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video


79. Skype  Available for: iOS Android
Keep in touch with your loved ones far away or maybe overseas. Also with your fellow students for that group project due tomorrow. You can not only video chat with it but also transfer files such as documents, images, text and video files.It’s available on pretty much any device out there. 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
80. SnapChat  Available for: iOS Android
Unlike a regular app designed for chat, snapchat will let you capture a photo or video , in other words a “snap” you can edit it and send it to your friends. If you ever need a quick “snap” of a particular text or solution that your friend can share, this is the fastest way to get it. You can also broadcast your “snaps” to the world. Don’t worry they won’t be saved anywhere and deleted right after being broadcasted.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
81. Viber  Available for: iOS Android
Viber will let you make voice calls and send text messages for free. In addition to that, you can exchange multimedia files (audio,image and video) with other users. If you have a group project that needs to be in contact quite a lot, this is the app to go.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video

Health & Fitness

82. SwordKit  Available for: iOS Android
Don’t know how to work out or what routines to follow? If you have Swordkit there’s no excuse not to work out if you ever feel like doing it anywhere or anytime. The app will give you personalized workout routines to follow and help you develop your very own. Cardio, yoga,strength or a few stretches after long hours spend in the library , it’s all there.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
83. Fitnet  Available for: iOS Android
This app will also you give you tons of routines and workout ideas for you to follow for free. But if you ever feel you need an evaluation of your progress, you can hire a coach to evaluate your performance to see if you are doing everything right! 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
84. MyFitNessPal  Available for: iOS Android
For those who really need to watch out their health and eating habits in college (we all know a busy college life can make us pretty careless of our own well being). You can track your exercise activity, eating habits, calories, track your weight and more.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
85. Charity Miles  Available for: iOS Android
If you happen to be a runner and someone who also wants to contribute in someway to society witihout going to a marathon. This app will record your activity be it running, walking or running and donate 10 cents for every mile you have completed.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
86. WaterIn  Available for: iOS Android
WaterIn is a simple App to help remind you to drink water. There are many opinions about how much you should drink, that’s up to you to decide. For example if it’s hotter then you should probably drink more.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  
87. Sleep Cycle Alarm  Available for: iOS Android
As you sleep you go through different phases, ranging from deep sleep to light sleep. The phase you are in when your alarm goes off is critical for how tired you will feel when you wake up.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
88. FourSquare  Available for: iOS Android
Lastly, if you find yourself out in the street or it’s way too late or simply do not have time to cook food because of tomorrow’s final exam. You can always use this app to find the nearest best restaurant with the best reviews to find healthy and nutritious food if you want to continue with your healthy good habits.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
89. Pocket CPR   Available for: iOS Android
It’s not only your health and yourself you gotta look out for but your neighbor as well . This app will show you how to guides and steps you can try to do proper CPR if anyone during your college years needs some assistance before expert help arrives. You should also download a First Aid App for more general guidelines on accidents and assistance for different situations and emergencies:  iOS & Android
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video

News & Social Media

90. Feedly  Available for: iOS Android
Feedly will organize and provide you with your favorite news media such as the latest publications, podcasts and YouTube videos to be up to date on what’s going with your particular interest.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
91. SmartNews  Available for: iOS Android
This up will keep you up to date to whatever it’s going on the world, it neatly organizes stories and news into categories for you to choose based on your interest.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
92. FlipBoard  Available for: iOS Android
Flipboard will gather content from various sources including social networks, news sites and blogs and display it in a style-like magazine. You can customized it to only show content related to your particular interest.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
93. Twitter  Available for: iOS Android
Did you know twitter has an app for your mobile device? Get updated with the latest social media trends and what’s going on with the people you care about. Be the first to hear the breaking news from any place at any time.
Cost: Free.


94. Spring  Available for: iOS 
This is the perfect app for those who love to listen tracks while exercising. Why? It’ll provide you with playlists and songs with rhythm and beats that will match your current routine.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
95. Shazam  Available for: iOS Android
How many times have we accidentally come across a beautiful song that we would to save for later but have no information about the song other than the lyrics? If that happens, Shazam will identify any song that’s currently playing on your phone so you can enjoy it later while you take a break from a long session of hard work in the library.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
96. Pandora  Available for: iOS Android
Do you have a particular music genre or playlist for studying for exams, working out or reading? Pandora will find music similar to your favorite picks and create a station for you for you to enjoy based on your favorite songs. 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
97. SoundHound  Available for: iOS Android
This app will allow you to quickly spot any song that’s playing outside of your iphone by recording it and matching it to it’s database. You can also sing or hum to it if you happen to have listened the song a while ago but wish to identify it now. 
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
98. Google Play Music  Available for: iOS Android
The Free version of Google Play Music allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations and stream and will present you with playlists based on your mood or the current activity you are doing (studying, working out, relaxing, etc). While the paid version will allow you to directly listen to any particular song you like and your favorite artists plus you can also play them in offline mode and saved them all to a particular playlist.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
99. 8Tracks  Available for: iOS Android
8tracks will allow you to listen to various radio stations based on what you’re doing or what you are interested in. On top of that, you can listen to people’s favorite playlists and playlists users have already put together. You can also listen to new music just released by fresh musicians. All of it it’s free and unlike Google Play Music , it’s ad free too. However the free version has limited usage, the paid version offers you with more features and unlimited time to use it.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video
100. Pocket Rice  Available for: iOS Android
Lastly, the most important app out of the entire list. What kind of game or activity could be the most entertaining? One where you actually contribute to the world, especially those in need. This is the most noble app there is where not only you get to learn a few useful trivia and facts  but when you get the right answer, you automatically donate 10 grains of rice to the needy and hungry around the world. No credit cards , no checks required, no subscription required; all you need to do is play and get the right answer. You’ll be doing a lot of good from your very own phone if you download this one.
Cost: Free.  How to Use:  Website  Video



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