Laptopstudy.com is all about recommending specific hardware requirements for specific software and goes as far as recommending specific laptop models.

In order to compensate for the hours of research, update posts and the time it takes to learn & test the software* on different computers.  It will contain advertisements, sponsored contents and definitely affiliate links.

*Software is not tested on all models presented here. Unlike other sites which claim to have tested software on every laptop recommended, we specifically have about 8 different laptops with similar specs to all the models presented here.

MacBook Pro 4 
Surface Pro 4
Surface Book 2
MacBook Air
ChromeBook ASUS
ChromeBook Acer 
Acer E15 Core i3 Intel HD
Acer E15 Core i7 MX 150
HP Omen Core i7 GTX 1060
ASUS Rog Strix Core i7 GTX 1070

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