Which should I buy? Laptop or Desktop?

Wether or not a laptop or a desktop is suitable for your work or studies. Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of choosing either one:


  • Laptops weight around 4 to 8 pounds. With ultrabooks and notebooks weighting less than 4 pounds. NoteBooks are the smallest type of laptops with 8-10” displays .However are mostly designed for just web browsing and regular office tasks. Ultrabooks on the other hand fall in between 11”-13” and have performance that can match many desktops or regular laptops today.
  • A typical desktop weights around 25 pounds, which isn’t ideal for mobility purposes. However an external storage device can be used to use your files and documents on another computer should you be away from your home area to continue your work at your office or school.


  • Laptops in general can take a toll on your body due to the fact that they doesn’t offer a healthy position for work. You are more likely to be hunched and much less comfortable using a laptop than a desktop. This can be easily be solved by using a “dock station”  with an external keyboard and perhaps an external monitor.
  • Desktops offer a much more comfortable and natural position for work. The screen remains at eye level. The components of a desktop: display, keyboard and mouse can be adjusted to suit a much more comfortable position for every individual.

Keyboard & Mouse


  • The keyboards on laptops, especially notebooks and ultrabooks, can make typing uncomfortable as compared to desktops due to their size being shrinked for portability purposes. Laptops under 15” do not offer a full size keyboard which may become an issue when trying to be much more productive with software that requires a lot of numerical input. 
  • With a laptop an external mouse must be bought and used separately should you be in need to do work that requires a lot of precision such photo editing and any other type of draw & design.
  • Desktops posses a full size keyboard that can be easily replaced should the current one stops working. A desktop with a full siz
    e keyboard and mouse will generally be much more comfortable and productive for work than most laptops on the market today.


  • Laptops in general can be much more expensive than desktops. The reason being that the technology to fit all the components of a computer in a minituarized device is not as cheap as with a desktop’s components.
  • A laptop is much more likely to have hardware failure than a desktop because of the complexity of minituarized technology, therefore replaicing or fixing a laptop will result being much more expensive.

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  • Although there are laptops on the market today that are built and designed to perform just about any application used by all fields of study. Desktops offer far more performance for a much lower cost and better reliability. Fitting a much more intricate and complex technology on a minituarized device isn’t as reliable as with a regular desktop. The limited space availability to fit in the components makes a laptop much more prone to damage from heat which results in less performance components being used to build them.
  • There are instances when even the best performance laptops on the market today will not be able to match the performance of a desktop. A few examples are: Intensive Numerical Analysis, Engineering Design, Computer Servers and Video Editing.


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  • Laptops and Desktops can have the same types of connections to the internet. Internet speed is not limited by either.
  • With Wifi technology, laptop’s today have the advantage of being much more mobile and portable should the need to move closer to an internet access area arise.
  • Both Laptop and Desktops can offer the same type of ports for external connections. The bigger the laptop, the more number of ports it can hold to match a desktops.


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  • Laptops are intrisicately designed to work with extremely small  and far more complex components than a desktop. Therefore, upgrading and customizing your laptop is far more difficult and in some instances not possible.
  • A desktop has far more space and far more choices for components from different manufacturing companies for you to configure, upgrade and repair your desktop with a wide variety of performance and costs.



  • Because of the limited space avaialble for components. Laptops will generate much more heat which over time will take a toll on it’s components.
  • Laptops being portable, are more prone to accidents and physical damage than desktops.
  • A desktop has far more space available therefore better ventiltion to maintain the integrity of its components. On average a desktop will last a bit longer than a laptop for that reason.
  • Replacing failing or dead components is far more easy on a desktop compared to laptops. It’s usually a swappable process. While a Laptop’s repairing process requires far more complex maneuvers.
  • Repairing and replacing a desktop failed component is much cheaper and possible than a laptop’s. If the motherboard on a desktop fails, it’s usually fixable while on a laptop is generally marks the end of it’s life.