Best Laptop For Blogging and Bloggers 2018

The best laptop for blogging does not have to be expensive nor too cheap either. It does have to be comfortable enough for you to finish a post or two as fas as possible. Blogging and writing articles may require tons of research , pictures, videos, content, references and finding a few ways to make posts as entertaining as possible.

What does this mean?

Tons of  browsing tabs open, a few of them having multimedia files ! And let’s not forget the fact that we probably have WordPress or a word editing software open. What if the ultimate catastrophe happens? You didn’t save your post! Just because your laptop stopped responding and couldn’t keep up with all the programs you had open including those 30 web browsing tabs

Plus let’s not forget that…

Blogging , specially useful and long content, can be tiring and sometimes even boring. The last thing we want is an uncomfortable working area that will bring motivation and inspiration down…especially bad keyboards or awful displays.  In other words, find the best laptop for blogging is not as easy as it seems.

So what’s the solution?

This blog post right here.  Not only will I blog you about the best laptops for blogging there are today but also give you a complete guide on how to find them yourself . I myself made a few mistakes  along the way and I’ll make sure you don’t.

Because most of you have been blogging since before blogging existed and already know what to look out for I’ll go over the best laptops for blogging as of 2017 first and then go over a guide showing you how to pick the best laptop for bloggers yourself. Nevertheless you can always jump to the guide if there’s something that may not be clear.

The Top 6 Best Laptops For Blogging 

Well not all bloggers have the same preferences, I’m not going to list similar laptops to the one I’m using for this post. Some prefer huge screen sizes, some need portability and greater battery life, some of us deal with huge file sizes( video bloggers ).

But the key features behind the best laptop for blogging remain the same among all bloggers: decent display, great keyboard, fast web browsing speeds and a few extra features to increase productivity and finish that post in seconds so we can move to the next one!

Whatever your budget, type of blogger you are you should find a suitable laptop from this list.

The Best Laptop For All Bloggers

MacBook Air 2015 


CPU: Intel Dual Core Core i5 1.6-2.7 GHz | RAM: 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 | Storage: 512GB PCIe SSD Display: 13.3” LED-backlit Glossy Widescreen Display, 1440 x 900 resolution

Disclosure: I am not an Apple fan boy (well not too much) . I actually use a Chromebook and a Windows laptop. My MacBook Air is a continent away from me.

Well yeah, most bloggers roll with a Mac. At least those who can afford them (they’re not that expensive actually) . But that’s not the reason why I think the MacBook Air is the best laptop for all bloggers. It’s just has every feature that’s needed for all bloggers out there without going overboard nor going too far below in terms of performance.

I’ve owned a MacBook Air myself and I never got tired of using it for any type of writing or research I had to do with it. If you’ve already considered the Air but decided against it, read this review so you can get a quick lesson and/or a reminder of what you should be looking for.

Let’s start with the performance. The MacBook air has a dual core processor with enough clock speed for all aspects of blogging : basic video editing, heavy multitasking, tons of tabs open at the same time, etc.

Keep in mind, an Intel core i5 processor is more than sufficient for all of this, there’s no need to go above because not only will it get more expensive but there’s not much increase in performance if the processor still has two cores.

For RAM it hits the sweet spot for you to never feel being slowed down whenever you forget to close those 50 tabs of google chrome or firefox. 

The storage device is an SSD with the latest technology available. As you probably know, SSDs give you the fastest boot up times and launching times of any application and your operating system as well. Needless to say, right after you press that button you’ll be back to continue editing your post .

However if you are a blogger editing A LOT of videos and audios for podcasts or youtube videos, then you may want to opt for 256GB or 512GB for storage if you can afford it. The Air is not upgradeable after purchase. Otherwise 128GB should be plenty for the rest of us.

Yes, it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card which as a blogger you’ll never need unless you want to finish one post in months because you’ve been playing around 3D games daily with it. You can do your video editing with iMovie or some photo editing with photoshop without having one no problems.

But wait there’s more…

The keyboard has the best quality you will get from ultrabooks too. Like all Apple laptops , it’s responsive, doesn’t feel cheap at all and actually feels lighter (does not too much travel) plus it’s also backlit. You’ll probably never find a better keyboard than the Air. The TrackPad is smooth, huge and of high quality too (I rarely used mine though).

The best part is the battery life reported as 13 hours by pretty much every user out there. But I can tell you it’s a bit more than that if you don’t do run too many intensive apps with it. It may last you for two entire work days of blogging on a single charge (7-8 hours each ).

The design is of all aluminum  which feels rock solid and sturdy. It can take a few drops (mine did with no issues) but I wouldn’t advise you to confirm that….though.

It merely weights 3lb and is thin enough to fit it between your textbooks, easily slide into your backpack and carry it around with one arm as if it were a real notebook as well.

Unfortunately…it has one drawback. The display, it’s actually not bad at all but it’s not perfect. If it were only a full HD display it would have been the best laptop for blogging and worth paying every penny. I dealt with it with no problems however. But it’s just a bummer apple never decided to upgrade its screen (it would have taken a toll on a the battery – the most salient feature of the Air I guess) and it’s actually being discontinued. 

If this isn’t an issue for you either, grab one as soon as you can. The best laptop for blogging will be gone for good soon but there are better replacements below.


Best Windows Laptop For Bloggers


DELL XPS 13 Best Laptop For Blogging

CPU: Intel Dual Core Core i5 3.5 GHz | RAM: 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 | Storage: 256 PCIe SSD | GPU:Intel HD Graphics 620 | Display: 13.3″ Full HD

If you are a blogger not very fond of Apple you can still get all the features for blogging from a Windows Machine, well that’s no surprise there’s nothing special about’s just that they hit the right spot for Bloggers with the Air. The Dell however fills the same role with nearly every spec the Air has.

The performance configuration actually goes far beyond but it’s totally unnecessary for blogging or even video blogging, again this configuration dual core i5 along with 8GB RAM should be plenty for heavy multitasking and having several dozens of tabs open. It also has an SSD and even the same technology (PCIe SSD) the fastest on the market for extremely fast boot up times and quickly starting up for any applications.

It remains a bit lightweight than the air at 2.6lb but not thinner than the air but you get a few more ports with it.

Unlike the Air however the display is where the XPS excels at, far better than any windows laptop at 13.3”. It is full HD and in fact can go as far as having ultra HD (4K resolution) and a touchScreen too but that will increase it’s price significantly which might not be worth it for blogging alone. It covers a wider color gamut (more colors available for reproduction) at 96% better than the Air (~70%) and is highly accurate in terms of color, also has great brightness levels.

It also has extremely thin bezels meaning that the screen will feel like it’s sitting on the air with no plastic around it, which can make make writing and watching videos a bit more engaging and fun.

The battery life is highly dependent on which kind of display you choose, the more bells and whistles your display has the less the battery life. With the basic full HD Matte display (1080p) you’ll get around 10-13 hours  however the ultra HD (4k resolution) will only get you around 8 hours of just web browsing. Not bad and not far from the Air’s 13-15 hours indeed.

Lastly, the keybaord and touchPad quality are great but not as top notch as the MacBook Air but not many laptops out there even the best keyboards can compete with Apple or Lenovo Keyboard. It does have a backlit keyboard however.

The only great issue with the Dell XPS Series is the camera placement which is undernearth the laptop’s screen. This isn’t an issue for most users out there but if you are into video blogging and plan on using your laptop for recording your videos, then this is a huge bummer as your followers will not a get a proper view from your face compared to a regular straight to the face camera placed on top of the screen.


Best Apple Laptop For Bloggers

New MacBook Pro 2016


CPU: Intel Dual Core Core i5  | RAM: 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 | Storage: 256 GB PCIe SSD | Display: 13.4” Retina Display IPS 

This has pretty much the same configurations as both the Air and the XPS but where both failed to succeed, this is the best laptop for all bloggers alike include those who video blog with theirs. Why it isn’t listed on the top? The Price. But for the price, you’re getting a top quality machine that will probably last you enough for you to get tired of it and resell it (MacBook hold their value even after 5 years of use).

Starting with performance it’s the same as the Air’s or XPS but can be further upgraded to having even a quad core processor along with a dedicated graphics card, those are territories you don’t want to touch for blogging unless you want to your bank account empty.

Save for the graphics card which is better than Air’s or XPS , Intel Iris, all the configurations for performance are again the same: i5 core, 8GB RAM and the latest SSD (PCIe based). Multitasking and getting back to blogging within seconds after pressing that power button should be no problems with it as well.

The keyboard and touchPad quality, like all MacBooks, remain top of the market too. This is the new model which weights 3lb the older model from 2015 however weights just as much as the air 3lb but not as thin.

The display however is where all of your money is going. It is far better than the XPS (full HD version) and the Air, the retina Display has a whooping 2880×1880 resolution. This is extremely useful for bloggers who love to have windows next to each other for writing their posts, one for your reference material, technical details, videos and another one for your editor.

Surprisingly the high resolution and high quality display overall (114% color gamut) doesn’t take a toll on the battery life, nearly 10 hours which is far more than the average 13.3” inch laptop. The camera is placed on the right spot for video bloggers this time.

If budget isn’t an issue and if you value display quality and do not mind both the price and huge apple logo on the back, this is definitely the best laptop for blogging you can get for your money.


Best Laptop Deal For Blogging – Best Performance 

HP Envy 13

HP Envy 13 - Best Laptop For Bloggers

CPU: 7th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U Processor | RAM: 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 | Storage: 256 GB PCIe NVMe | Display: 13.3-inch diagonal Full HD (1920×1080) IPS

This is a laptop with better performance than the Air or even the XPS 13 yet remaining quite affordable, which is indeed difficult to believe.  We’ll see.

The performance is about the same as any of the laptops shown above with an slightly increased in speed. The reason is the processor is the latest generation of intel core laptops, 7th, this architecture also gives a greater battery life but the difference is not much just worth mentioning. RAM capacity stays at 8GB and is in fact non upgradeable but this is plenty for all blogging purposes.

The SSD is also a better technology than any of the laptops above, although it is still PCIe based the protocol (programming) used is different NVMe which translates to even faster reading speeds (by a significant margin) consequently faster boot up times and launching of your apps. Still has the same storage capacity.

The display is actually full HD, same or above as any of the laptops here (except for the Pro) and being 13.3” the perfect combo for multitasking with windows open next to each other.

The battery life is decent at 8-9 hours but I was personally expecting more from its latest 7th generation processor and a better SSD, both supposedly to improve the battery life, but perhaps it could have been worse.

So far so good? The only issue? The keyboard.

While it is comfortable responsive and not a problem for blogging or typing. A few important keys HOME, END, Page up and down are not dedicated meaning you will have to press FN to access them. This is mostly a problem for programmers rather than bloggers for the most part since they do use a lot of these keys to revisit their code but if you are also an avid user of these think twice about it.

Other than that, it seems like the perfect laptop for blogging and it only weights 3.3lb just a bit higher than the Air or XPS 13, not bad for the price at all. The performance is in fact perfect for the video or photos you wish to edit as a blogger, both the SSD and the CPU will give you a significant speed when dealing with such software.


Best Cheap Laptop For Blogging

Asus VivoBook E403SA


CPU: Intel  N3700 1.6 GHz, Turbo to 2.4 GHz  | RAM: 4 GB DDR3 | Storage: 128GB eMMC Flash | Display: 14” Full HD 

If your a blogger on a budget or you simply do not want to pay for an expensive laptop most likely because it will probably get worned down by all the traveling you do. This is your best bet, it is a high quality laptop with nearly every feature just for blogging.

In terms of performance it’s not the greatest but it’s not the worst out of all the laptops out there either, even though it’s not an intel core i3 i5 and much less an i7 the celeron processor along with 4GB RAM is sufficient for your basic blogging tasks while allowing you to do some basic photo and video editing, you’ll be restricted to not multitask with your laptop but that’s about it.

The Storage capacity luckily is decent 128GB is more than enough for most users and its also an SSD, meaning you get insanely fast boot up times from it anyways but of course it’s not the same technology as the SSDs of the more expensive laptops above.

The display quality on the other hand is surprisingly good, it’s full HD after all and the screen is even bigger at 14” which is actually even better for you to have more space area for editing writing or for multitasking. In fact, the display does not seem to affect its battery life it still remains quite long (10 hours) and the weight is just a few fractions heavier than the Air or XPS (3.3lb) and the same weight as the ENVY (3.3lb). All while being nearly half the price of them.

Lastly, the keyboard is actually of great quality despite the fact that the design isn’t great or as good as the more expensive laptops on top. 

You pretty much get everything you need for a comfortable blogging set up while still being quite affordable without having to go to the Chromebook route.


Best Laptop For Bloggers – Big Display

HP ProBook 470 G3 


CPU:  Intel Core i5-6500U | RAM: 8GBx1 DDR4 2133 SDRAM (Max support 16GB) | Storage: 1TB 5400rpm SATA | GPU: Intel HD Graphics 520| Display: 17.3 LED HD+ anti-glare ( 1600 x 900 )

If you are a blogger who constantly stays at home and comes up with the content all from within, then you can benefit from a big and bulky laptop. The display size does come in handy to increase productivity by having multiple references and finishing those posts in no time. What type of bloggers? Food Bloggers, instructional bloggers , bloggers giving lessons or just about anyone who would like to consult their reference materials without having to scrolling down too much as in the case of small screen laptops.

Sure there are tons of huge laptops out there but this one has the right features ( save for one ) every blogger needs while still remaining affordable and very cheap actually.

What is it? The display is not full HD it’s the same as the Air just a bit lower however the screen size will all make up for it. It has an anti glare feature meaning it will protect your eyes from reflections or the sun reflecting on the screen but that may not be put to use if you frequently use it within your house at low illuminating settings.
Performance is the same as most laptops here core i5 with 8GB which by the way can be upgraded to 16GB.  The battery life as expected from huge displays is not very high nfortunately: 6 hours but since this is mostly for home use, this isn’t a problem at all (mine has less than that).
The storage is another major caveat: its not an SSD. This isn’t an issue for the most part but the storage capacity is far greater (1TB) plenty for 200 movies at full HD.
Luckily the most important feature remains there, a decent and comfortable keyboard.  That alone along with the fact that its huge screen size with the same performance as the top laptops here actually makes it a great deal especially for its price which by the way is nearly half of the Air and XPS.

How To Buy The Best Laptop For Blogging

If you rather look for a laptop yourself or you’re beginning your journey as a blogger, then this is a must read for you to pick the best laptop there is. Your followers will thank you for it 😉 .

Software & Activities

First of all, what kind of software do bloggers use and activities do? While this may sound trivial to long time bloggers out there , it is worth going over to consider the specifications we need and for those who are just starting to blog:

  • Blogging/Writing Articles
  • Reading Blogs
  • Some Financial Research (stock market)
  • Photo Editing & Taking/Saving Photos 
  • Watch tons of youtube videos for blog posts and to follow your community
  • All Microsoft Office products for editing, tracking SEO data and more.

What kind of software does a blogger use? 

  • PhotoShop
  • Microsoft Office 
  • Adobe Premiere or Windows Movie Maker or iMovie or simply Youtube for Video Editing
  • Multiple tabs open in Chrome or Firefox
  • Capture via Facetime camera, Skype calls/interviews, etc.

Types of Bloggers:

Regular Blogging:  Just writing at home with a few trips here and there. A basic laptop will just do.

Travel blogger : Mostly on the go from conference to conventions, etc. A lightweight, durable and portable is a must.

Video Blogger: Blog posts with edited videos on a consistent basis. Might need an extra powerful machine. Read the next section carefully.


Basic Tasks

The usual multitasking, web browsing , word editing , video watching can be done on any cheap old laptop with at least 4GB RAM. But 8GB RAM and i5 core Processor (or above) remains a top choice to play it on the safe side, the last thing you want is having your PC slow down while you are writing a post as fast as you can.

Even bloggers who are avid programmers and do their web design & development do not need to go beyond those specs. If you ever become interested in doing so, then these specs will also serve you well.

Photo Editing

The most intensive tasks a blogger needs to do are photo and video editing. Photo editing with Photoshop will do just fine with an intel core i5 processor or above and 8GB of RAM (the SSD is just a bonus in performance) provided you don’t use tons of layers and special effects.

If you are limited to resizing and simple edits of your photos or images, then you might not even need a heavy software like Photoshop, there are plenty of freeware which will give you enough creativity and even more editing options.

However if you happen to be a professional photo editor then you may need to go as far as 16GB and having an SSD would no longer be optional but a huge bonus or for some a MUST have.

Video Editing

Depending on the type of video editing you may need bigger specs than an i5 core processor & 8GB RAM. For the most part , bloggers use youtube, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker and some simple Adobe Premiere effects to edit their videos. This is also true for Vbloggers in particular use a green background, do tons of jump-cuts throughout their videos and apply a few cool effects before uploading them to their followers. For all of these purposes the same configuration will do just fine : 8GB RAM and i5 core processor.


If you belong to the rare breed of bloggers  who are advanced video editors using Adobe Premiere and do special effects, edit videos in high detail (color grading and even 3D effects), shoot them in 4k resolution, etc. Then you need to step up as high as you can up to a quad core i7 processor along with a dedicated graphics card.

None of the laptops shown above provide you with that while having all the extra nice features for blogging: great display, great keyboard and long battery lives. The ones that do are the upgrades of the MacBook Pro to the MacBook Pro 15.6”  which has far more power for intensive video editing and the DELL XPS 15 which also maintains a decent battery life and remains lightweight. These are indeed the best laptops for both your videos & blogging in general, however they can be too expensive. Fore more choices you can read my post here.


This is where all bloggers will benefit. A high quality display is a must for the best productivity and best blogging experience to finish those posts fast, on time , while still being comfortable. Ideally stick with 1080p and screen sizes above 13.3” (though you can go a bit be low 1080 such as with the air and still not suffer with the resolution), both of these features will allow you have enough screen space for your interface tools, multimedia editors and allow you to have two windows open next to each other for faster blog content production. You can further than that but that will take a toll on your pocket and save for a few expensive exceptions quite heavy too.

Matte or Glossy?

Depending on where you get your inspiration from, you may want to opt for more vivid images this means a glossy display .

I myself just rely on text data for my posts and do lots of reading so a matte display would be more ideal to protect my eyes from all the reflections and light intensity coming from my screen. However, I don’t have a matte display but use a screen protector to reduce the amount of light that reaches my eyes.  I’m proud to say my eyesight has been 20/20 despite using a laptop or computer screen nearly everyday since I was kid (that and a lot of carrots).


The truth is nothing will compare to a real keyboard from a desktop for blogging posts at the highest speeds (at least for me) , however you can get pretty close and avoid pretty bad keyboards with the following:

  • Go for business class laptops or renowned brands: Usually manufacturers go cheap on the edsign and build quality of their laptops this is turn creates very bad keyboards and touchPads, stick with brands like Apple, Lenovo and HP (near high prices).
  • Make sure your laptop is not too cheap! If it is do your proper research about the keyboard.
  • Laptops with good key travel usually have great keyboards , the exceptions are the MacBook, travel is not great but their keyboards are still the best out there.
  • Only get laptops with positive keyboard reviews. If keyboard is not mentioned, don’t risk it.
  • Smaller than 13.3” laptops have lousy keyboards as well and might feel too cramped to get anything done for some.

Remember you can always get an external keyboard (I got one) and an external mouse (that too). I find the external mouse being a must have it’s hard to keep editing posts, photos or doing any type of research with the trackpad. Personally I find myself being much slower with it.


Price is only an issue if you are in a budget obviously and if you are constantly on the go. If you do find yourself taking the bus, subways and planes moving from conference to conference, meetings or simply being a tourist constantly then there’s no point in spending extra cash for a beefy and high quality machine you will end up losing it , breaking it, etc.

Sure, you can keep your laptop away from thieves if its in your backpack but all of constant moving and jostling will take a toll on it’s components no matter how careful you are. A portable and ruggerized device is therefore a must to keep your laptop and your content from being gone for good.

Whatever your choice is you should stick with the basics: great keyboard, decent display and a minimum 4GB RAM.


Portability is not an issue for most beginner bloggers or bloggers who just stay at home which can opt for 17.3” displays which can weight around 5lb (that’s me).

However if you find yourself in the occasional library or coffee shops or a few meet up places  you would all benefit from a portable machine to keep working on that post whenever you are. Ideally a laptop around around -3lb will do the trick, that way the weight will not make you hesitate whether or not you should bring your laptop with you. I have a separate laptop for these rare occasions.

If you are a blogger constantly on the move, be it on planes or long train journeys, then it’s a must to stay around 3lb.


This also depends on how and where you usually blog from. If you are a blogger on the move almost entirely , then obviously you need the longest battery life you can afford. For which you may want to consider high quality laptops like the MacBook Pro or Lenovos, which offer extremely long battery lives or you could roll with a ChromeBook too if you are not going to use other software for multimedia editing.

I personally have both. A beefy laptop with just about 3 hours of battery life , i use this for all the heavy multitasking and editing software I need ( video editors, photoshop, website analytics software, some gaming and multiple tabs open doing research) and a Chromebook (10 hours or even more) whenever I’m away from home for just reading more info about my topic and keep on retouching or writing my posts.

A laptop with 8 hours should definitely be enough for an entire work day.


In case you didn’t know an SSD has far too many advantages over regular Hard drives, the more important ones being: great loading speeds of your apps, software, files and operating system (you’ll boot up in seconds) and the fact that they consume less energy (more battery life). There are reports saying they are more reliable than regular hard drives but a study just debunked that myth, both types are likely to fail at any time. So you should invest on an external device for back ups or get acquianted with the cloud (more so than before).

However if you find yourself using heavy apps such as photoshop or adobe premiere, then it becomes a must otherwise it’s a huge bonus to have on your laptop especially to finish posts on time from the increase in performance and boot up times.


It is true that SSD generate less heat, if you find yourself using your laptop on your lap then ideally you’d want to invest on an SSD too otherwise if your laptop has an HDD and does not have a metal framework then your legs might blow up after 10 minutes of using it.


You certainly want the latest protocol on Wifi this will allow you pick up signals that may not be reachable with other Wifi Technology and get a decent internet speed too. You never know when you have a laptop and you don’t happen to have your internet connection close to you, you’ll be able to pick up open and other people’s signals with yours.

The latest protocol is AC. All laptops shown here have it and recently most modern laptops do too.


If you have any questions, suggestions or recommendations for this post. Please let us know in the comments below!


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